Galena Wine Tour 2018

||Galena Wine Tour 2018

Galena Wine Tour | The Day Tripper

Are you looking for an amazing day trip? Do you like wine (especially sweet ones)? Do you know there is more to wine then Coastal California and France? Do you like meeting awesome people? If you answered yes to these questions then this is the perfect day trip for you!

If you have never been to Downtown Galena, that is an experience all on it’s own. You have to visit! Such a wonderful town. I love to drop by at least twice a year and have been doing so for some time.

Galena Wine Tour | From Chicago & Back

Look we have done our fair share of wine tastings down on South Main. The one thing I have never done, is ventured off the beaten path to check out the areas wineries. Can this be done in a day? Of course, and comfortably. However we decided to make a weekend of it!

We even made you a map (bottom of the page).

Now, let’s get down to business, but before we do it’s important to remember to not drink and drive. Be safe out there and have fun!

Silver Moon Winery | Galena Wine Tour

Address: 21305 Zier Road – Lanark, IL 61046 | Phone: 815-493-6888 | Web:

We started our tour at Silver Moon. We were greeted at the door by Kathy the owner on a very windy day. What an amazing lady! We introduced ourselves and since we were the first there she treated us to a tour! They have a really cozy gift shop, and an even more cozy fireplace. This is a GREAT place to host your event.

Here are a few tips. Make sure you take advantage of the food pairings. Kathy does an outstanding job creating combinations that really boast outstanding flavors! They also have an exclusive Silver Moon Red Velvet Cheddar, that pairs perfectly with the Red Velvet Red (Our favorite).

Make sure you tip your sommelier! We had Steph, who was really fun and knowledgeable. She let us sample the Sangria, and must say – now that summer is here I am ready for a bottle!

Seconds, yes please!

Massbach Ridge Winery | Galena Wine Tour

Address: 8837 S. Massbach Rd. – Elizabeth, IL 61028 | Phone: 815-291-6700 | Web:

From there we ventured over to Massbach. The place was busy, and for good reason. We had the chance to talk with owner Peggy for a bit. She is top notch. I still don’t know how she was able to keep all our glasses full. She was hopping!

We tried 12 wines here. We REALLY liked the Traumer. I really like ports, and Massbach has a great one. The Velvet Hour tasted just as it’s described…like velvet! Very smooth and light as compared to other ports in the region.

Rocky Waters Vineyard & Winery | Galena Wine Tour

Address: 2003 W. Hanover Rd. – Hanover, IL 61041 | Phone: 815-591-9706 | Web:

Award winning wines at Northern Illinois ONLY Estate Vinyard and it shows. What can we say, a great third stop on our tour. We got to spend time with owner Kyle that day. He is a VERY proud pupil of the Wollersheim Winery out of Prarie Du Sac, Wisconsin.

The tasting is simple, you get to try them all! You start off with the dry whites, then move on to sweeter fare. Our favorites were the Homestead Red and the Tower Red.

Here is a tip, make sure you ask Kyle to tell you how the Pear Tree Blush and Cottonwood Blush got their flavors…I don’t want to ruin it for you. Also, they have a great deal – if you buy enough, the tasting is free!

Fergedaboudit Vineyard and Winery | Galena Wine Tour

Address: 4595 W. Speer Rd. – Hanover, IL 61041 | Phone: 815-591-2126 | Web:

Not going to lie, this may have been my favorite stop. Why? Many reasons, but first the story of how this vineyard got it’s name. Here we got to meet Vicky, daughter of the founder. She is awesome! Again, took time to speak with every single person in the place. They are in their 6th season, but you wouldn’t know it. They are the best at what they do with a touch of family.

We tried 7 wines, a slushy and a desert drizzle. I REALLY liked the Sangiovese, and to my knowledge the ONLY one being produced in the region. The Poppi’s Dolce Vine is my favorite. A VERY smooth port with amazing flavors. This was perfect on such a cold day.

Are you looking for an amazing place for your wedding? They have you covered what an amazing venue!

Galena Cellars Vineyard & Winery | Galena Wine Tour

Address: 4746 N. Ford Rd. – Scales Mound, IL 61075  | Phone: 815-777-3235 | Web:

What can we say about Galena Cellars! We have been enjoying their wines for years, but this is the first time we ever visited the actual Vineyard. The drive from Galena to the property is a beautiful one. Rolling hills, steams and caves!

Over the past 15 years I have sampled almost everything they have, but today…I tried the Jalapeno Wine. You must GRAB a bottle, this will change your Bloody Mary’s forever!

Everything here is a must, just a must. However I tried some new flavors, and they are also new favorites. I love the Daffodil, but the greatest of all time is the Black Raspberry Framboise!

Famous Fossil Winery | Galena Wine Tour

Address: 395 W. Cedarville Rd. – Freeport, IL 61032 | Phone: 815-563-4665 | Web:

This was an unexpected stop on our way home. We saw a billboard on the side of the road and decided to take a detour. We’re glad we did. If you’re coming from Chicago do yourself a favor…make the journey!

So check this out. They built a winery, and while doing so they discovered a REAL Jurassic Park! The place is crawling with the most interesting artifacts. Complete with magnifier glasses so you can take a look at all the amazing finds! Fossils everywhere!

We got to hang out with Lyn that day. Such a sweet and fun person. We tried 7 wines with our favorite being Bedrock Red and the Raspberry!

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa | Galena Wine Tour 2018
Galena Wine Tour 2018
Galena Wine Tour 2018 | Map
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